Basic Hosting Package

Basic Hosting Package

$45.00 / Months

  • Linux Cloud Hosting
  • Domain Included
  • Free SSL
  • Premium Security Plugin
  • Monthly Plugin Updates
  • Monthly WordPress Updates
  • Monthly Theme Updates
  • Monthly Site Backups
  • 1 Hour Design Updates


  • Peace of Mind Management for Your WordPress Website

    This Linux Cloud Hosting package provides the perfect platform for your WordPress website, offering a powerful combination of security, performance, and automated management.

    Here’s what sets us apart:

    • Reliable Foundation: Built on robust Linux cloud infrastructure, your website enjoys the flexibility and scalability it needs to thrive.
    • Free Domain Included: Get your website’s unique identity established from the start, without additional cost.
    • Fort Knox Security: Rest easy with a Free SSL certificate for secure connections and an industry-leading security plugin to shield your site from threats.
    • Always Up-to-Date: Automated weekly updates ensure your WordPress core, plugins, themes, and the entire system itself are always running the latest secure versions.
    • Backup and Restore with Ease: Weekly backups provide a safety net, allowing you to restore your website to a previous state if needed, with minimal hassle.


    • Privacy Policy & Terms of Service: We provide a legally compliant privacy policy and terms of service to protect your business and your users. This ensures transparency in how user data is handled and sets expectations for user behavior on your website.

    Benefits of a Privacy Policy & Terms of Service:

    • Compliance: Meets legal requirements for data collection and use.
    • Trust: Builds trust with users by demonstrating your commitment to data privacy.
    • Clarity: Defines acceptable use of your website and protects you from liability.

    This package is ideal for:

    • Busy professionals who don’t have time for constant website maintenance.
    • Business owners who prioritize security and performance.
    • Anyone who wants a reliable and worry-free WordPress hosting experience.

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